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Zhongshan Canaan Mould Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in May 2006 (registered office in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province), specializing in the production of silicone rubber, rubber mold. Increase investment in rubber production workshop in September 2008, mainly engaged in the washing machine door seal, washing machines, pipe bending, remote control buttons and other products, is a design, development, production of rubber products one of the most professional companies.
The spirit of "Quality is the life of Canaan, and technology is the source of Canaan, and service is the spirit of Canaan" business philosophy, and always adhere to a high starting point, high standard, and constantly innovative technologies, improve management, the rapid rise in the same industry, won wide acclaim.
Key resources
Qualified and highly qualified human resources. The company according to 5S and ISO9001: 2000 standards for scientific and strict management, based on "the right attitude, strong skills and excellent literacy and disciplined" approach, for the entire company for all of the work force full and rigorous training, qualified only after their posts in order to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.
Supporting the advanced production equipment. The company based on product quality requirements, configure the advanced rubber production equipment: 200T-250T CNC automatic hot-press molding machine, precision rubber injection machine, mixer, blender machine, CNC cutting plastic machine, filter machine, Chong-type machine, electric oven and so on. Mold Production Equipment: imported CNC machining centers, EDM machine, milling machine, grinder, drill press and so on.
Measurement devices supporting advanced monitoring. The company based on product quality requirements, equipped with advanced measuring equipment monitoring apparatus: two yuan measuring instrument, projectors, etc., to monitor product quality.
The Company may in accordance with clients to map, sample processing, all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of rubber, conductive silicone rubber keypads and so on. Product quality, performance, stability, security, environmental protection and reasonable prices. 
Our products are widely in the automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, medical, stationery, toys, plastics, metal, mechanical and electrical equipment and many other wide range of fields.

Canaan of service:
"Professional, efficient, all-round, around the clock to meet all the needs of customers" is our consistent service concept, with extensive industry experience, rigorous working attitude, innovative spirit and a sound management system, technology continued to improve the quality of services , so that our customers satisfaction.

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